Will my personal auto policy cover me if I take a driving position for Uber?

I have been receiving phone calls from my clients inquiring about using their car to drive for Uber. According to a few of my clients, Uber told them they could use their car for this and their auto policy will provide coverage. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Your personal auto policy will deny any claims that occur in the course of doing a business unless it is endorsed on the policy. Most companies will not allow this type of endorsement, so there would be no coverage.

Currently, I do not have an insurance carrier who will write this type of exposure. I have heard that GEICO has a program. I am sure there will be a carrier in the future who will allow this as Uber grows in popularity in Connecticut. You need to inform your carrier on any kind of change in the use of your automobile so that you will not be denied coverage if an accident occurs. I have heard all kinds of horror stories and remember, you were the one driving the car, therefore, if there is an accident, they will come after you first.

It is better to make sure you are covered for something then finding out the hard way. Please email or call us for a quote or if you have any questions. 203-878-3181