The Check Is In The Mail

How many times in your life have you said this or have had someone say it to you? Well, if you are under 30 you might never have said this phrase or maybe you have never even written out a check before. Most transactions done by the younger generation is through the internet. They don’t depend on “snail mail” and everything is instant.


Insurance companies want to be able to pull your payments out every month directly from your checking account or a credit card, avoiding the need to mail in a payment or even initiate the payment. It is done automatically. This is called EFT payments or electronic funds transfer. Most insurance companies will even give you a credit to do it this way since they won’t need to wait for their money and will get paid every month on time. It’s beneficial to you so you don’t have to worry about “the check getting lost in the mail”.

Even though we appreciate the hard work done by our post office workers sometimes things happen. Take for instance the attached photo. Our office mailed this letter Jan 22, 1998, then received it back saying undeliverable on Feb 6, 2016. That is 18 years for it to get back to us. I guess sometimes things really do get lost in the mail.