Say Goodbye to Full Glass Coverage in Connecticut

Automatic braking in vehicles is a great thing to help you avoid accidents. By 2022, 99% of all U.S. vehicles will be required to have automatic braking. This is part of the ADAS system, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. The problem is that some of the sensors are in the windshield. Meaning your windshield will now have computer sensors. These computer sensors will need to be reset when you replace your windshield. Currently, you have to go back to the dealership to have this done. So what does this mean to insurance companies?

The cost for windshields will increase so they will no longer be able to offer you full glass coverage at a low cost. You will still have glass coverage it will just be subject to the comprehensive deductible like all other damages to your vehicle. Connecticut is unique with full glass coverage. Most states do not offer this endorsement. So with the costs of the windshields going up it is most likely Connecticut insurance companies will no longer find this to be a cost effective coverage to offer.