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How does the dreaded ticket affect your car insurance?

Question: How does the dreaded driver ticket affect your car insurance when you get pulled over and receive a moving violation?

TicketAnswer: You’re having a great time cruising down the highway enjoying the cool summer wind in your face and then it happens…the lights start flashing in your rear-view mirror, your heart stops for a second and you feel like your perfect day has just been ruined. Yup, you are getting pulled over for speeding and there isn’t one darn thing you can do about it. You receive a violation for a designated amount and the police officer will tell you if you pay the ticket, it will not count against you. Your car insurance provider will tell you otherwise.

What the cop really means is that no POINTS will be assigned to your driving record, but the ticket itself WILL appear on your record and if a ticket appears on your record, it DOES count against your insurance rates. At Barth insurance, people are always asking us how much a ticket can raise your rates. Just because the Department of Motor Vehicles does not assign a point doesn’t mean an insurance company won’t assign points. The impact of tickets on your insurance premium can vary depending on your specific policy.

If you have been a long-term customer with a stellar driving record, one ticket may not cause any significant affect to your rate, but if you are ticketed for speeding, the penalty depends on how excessive your speed was. Driving with a broken headlight for instance is considered a low impact infraction, while a speeding citation can have moderate effects. If an insured gets their first DUI, they are told that it won’t appear as a DUI but rather as “failing a chemical test”, which insurance companies still count as a DUI. By the time we speak to these people, the violation is already there and nothing can be done. This can pose serious consequences to your future insurance rates.

While the point system varies from state-to-state and can last for different periods of time, one point stands true – the more points that are added to your record, the more you can expect an increase in your auto insurance rates. You can call Barth Insurance for any questions you may have regarding your car insurance premiums. We are happy to offer our experience and knowledge to get you the best auto rates for your specific situation.