Home Inspections

Home insurance more often than not will now do an inspection of the home AFTER you purchase the policy. The State of CT gives insurance companies a 60 day window to decide if they want to stay on the risk. During this time the inspection will take place. If the company doesn’t like something about the home they could cancel your policy if you don’t comply with their recommendations.

What do insurance companies look at during the inspection? Mostly the roof, to make sure of its condition;  no lifting shingles, moss or trees hanging over or touching the roof. The roof takes a beating with the weather here in CT. So many companies are concerned about the condition of the roof. Other things company inspections look for are liability hazards, such as,  swimming pools, vicious dog or steps without railings and the general conditions of the home. Some inspections will only do an outside inspection but some will do both inside and outside.

With technology, some companies are investing in satellites so they can see you home in real time. Many towns are putting the details of homes, such as square footage, year built, etc. on line, so they will know when your roof was updated. We have had some issues with inspections and policies being canceled, so I wanted you to be aware. If you are unsure if the conditions of your home will meet company guidelines, take photos and forward them to us before we complete the application process. We are good at spotting problems the company might find.

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