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DUI or OUI Laws in Connecticut

There are many questions and misconceptions regarding the laws for first time offenders. Many people think they have the right to refuse a test. In Connecticut, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a criminal offense. This offense may be prosecuted with OR WITHOUT any direct evidence of a person’s BAC (blood alcohol concentration). Driving is a privilege and under Connecticut IMPLIED CONSENT LAW any person who operates a motor vehicle is presumed to have given his or her consent to a test to determine BAC.

You are legally intoxicated if your BAC is above .08. Now this includes refusal to take the test so if you are not drunk you should not refuse the test or you will be convicted anyway. As previously stated, the police do not need to prove your BAC in Connecticut to be convicted of a OUI {operating under the influence). Once you are convicted for OUI or refusal to take the test, even if it is your first offense, you will lose your license for 45 days and will need to have an interlock device (the device you need to blow into in order for it to start your car) put in your car for 1 year. Not to mention your insurance rates will double for the next 5 years. So next time, call Uber or Lyft. It is not worth the risk.