Don’t be fooled by roadside coverage on your auto policy

The roadside assistance coverage now being offered by most auto insurance companies has a downfall to using it. When you use this coverage, it goes on your claims history and can count against your policy. Since it is a claim, it can be chargeable and affect your rates. Recently, I had been trying to help a customer get a better rate and when researching his claim history he had 5 towing claims (all at $74 each). My companies were either denying him coverage or raised the rate by approximately $500 per year.

Unfortunately, anytime you use your insurance coverage insurance companies can count it against you and these claims stay on your record for 5 years. What we suggest is that you use a motor club for towing, even though this might cost a little more upfront, but in the long run you would not have claims on your insurance history and that is the way to keep premiums down.

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