Commerical Auto VS Personal Auto Policy

When do I need a commercial auto policy vs a personal auto policy.  Here a few of examples of when you would obtain a commercial auto policy:

  1. Your employees drive your car;
  2. You use your personal vehicle for business;
  3. You drive people for a fee including UBER;
  4. You deliver goods;
  5. You have commercial plates on the vehicle;
  6. You have equipment like ladders in your vehicle;
  7. Your gross vehicle weight  is 12,000 lbs or over;
  8. You drive people around like a realtor, nanny or home health aide; or
  9. When you have business logos on your car.

These are a few examples.  It is better to have a policy that will cover you when needed.   The cost of a commercial  auto policy should not be too much more than a personal auto policy.

Also, remember to ask about a liability policy for your business, which, can be as low as $450 per year for a million dollars in coverage.