A world without speeders?

fordFord has just introduced technology that prevents your car from speeding. It is called the Intelligent Speed Limiter, and it is only available in Europe. It works by using electronics to adjust the amount of fuel delivered to the engine. It has the technology to know what road you are on, the speed limit, and would be able to slow the vehicle down to adjust to the speed limit. Currently, it comes with a feature to turn it off, but I can see a time when you would not be able to turn this feature off. I can see a future where this technology is standard.

Of course, we all know the car that drives itself. Delphi, last month, set off its 2015 Audi SQ5 vehicle to drive itself from San Francisco to New York City. It is just a matter of time before we have cars that drive themselves. I am not sure that it is a bad idea, either. I have been selling auto insurance since 1988, and the driving records of people have gotten much worse. We have all seen the speeders on the highways, not to mention the people who pass on the right, and don’t signal. How about all the distracted drivers, texting and talking on their phones? The severity of the accidents on the roads have gotten worse, and road rage also seems to have gotten worse. I am not sure if there is any one reason or a combination but I think we can honestly say the drivers on the road are worse then they have ever been, SO maybe the only answer is to have the cars drive themselves.

What are your thoughts?