A “Drive Only License” for Undocumented Individuals

1024x1024When it comes to getting a driver’s license in certain states in the U.S., the law is changing and it is pretty complicated so we’re here to dissect it a bit for you. Connecticut, among other states, wants to ensure that all drivers, regardless of their immigration status, are tested, trained, licensed, insured and accountable for their driving records. Unlicensed and uninsured individuals take more risks when driving so the new law effective Jan. 2, 2015 permits ALL who meet the age and eligibility standards to drive legally in an effort to make roads and highways safer.

Ensuring that all Connecticut drivers are aware of traffic laws, have been tested by The Department of Motor Vehicles for their driving ability, and are insured, will decrease fatal road accidents and reduce the number of uninsured drivers who flee accident scenes. The new process for undocumented license seekers will result in a drive only license if the process is successfully completed. Here are the details as explained by the Connecticut DMV.

This has become a bit controversial as some believe the new law will in fact make roads safer because unauthorized immigrants are already driving illegally and now they will be required to study for the drivers test and have insurance. On the other hand, many feel people living illegally in the U.S. should not be entitled to a driver’s license. What do you think?

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